Our vision

Our vision is to help Afghanistan on its way to a brighter future. We hope for a country where all Afghans can access good facilities. Our goal is to contribute to a positive development in both education, the health care system and the opportunities for the socially disadvantaged. We fight for gender equality, among other things, through the development of the education system.

Our history

The Danish Afghan Humanitarian Association (DAHF) was founded in 1995. Until 2008, the association had premises available with many activities, including a homework cafe, lectures, courses in sewing, IT, swimming and taekwondo. In the following years the focus of the organization changed and in 2011 we started collecting equipment that was to be sent, packed in containers to Afghanistan.

We have collaborated with several partners e.g. OLAWI (Organization for Local Assistance Wellbeing & Improvement), GTS (Recycling to the South) and several different renovation workshops like “Brædstrup Humanitær Forening" and "Computergruppen”. The renovation workshops help locate, transport, sort and repair our donated equipment as well as load the containers.

Through GTS we receive grants in order to send two containers annually to Afghanistan. OLAWI is our primary local partner in Herat, Afghanistan and is the organisation which receives the equipment we collect in Denmark. In collaboration with them, we distribute the equipment to the areas in the Herat Province where it is needed. Our beneficiaries are among others schools, disability organizations, hospitals and orphanages.

Lastly, we have worked with ACERA and EHSAS on a COVID-19 food distribution project during the pandemic in 2020 and most recently with the DRC (Danish Refugee Council) in connection with our first aid project in 2021.

The Danish Afghan Humanitarian Association (DAHF) works to improve conditions for the most vulnerable children and people with a disability as well as to improve conditions both in the educational and the health care system.

Our partners