In Afghanistan, primary Schools are insufficiently funded resulting in the lack of basic and essential school equipment and facilities. These can be essentials we take for granted in Danish schools such as class rooms, school furniture, black boards and writing tools. As a result of a poor educational environment, Afghan students are not receiving an optimal education even though they are motivated to learn.

One of our primary objectives at DAHF is to elevate the quality of education. We seek to improve the educational environment so children for one thing do not have to sit on the ground during classes. In addition, we are focused on educating female, as well as male students to be able to access and operate computers, thereby keeping them up-to-date with the technological development.

The picture on the right shows how teaching can take place at a primary school in the Herat province. Often there are not enough rooms available for all classes and some students have to attend classes outside on the ground all year - even during the rainy season and cold weather.


As part of our objective to improve the primary schools in Afghanistan, we are collaborating with an organization called “The Computer Group”. Their main task is to refurbish and reprogram used and outdated computers which can then be reused in the schools in Afghanistan.

Despite the rapid global technological development, not all countries around the world are able to keep up. The vast majority of Afghan students have never worked on a computer and the donated computers give the students an opportunity to learn how to navigate the internet and use basic computer programs.

Our primary school projects

School furniture: 

To motivate students to attend school on a regular basis and to make sure that all students can follow classes in a comfortable environment.


To educate and encourage Afghan students to take part in the global technological development.

Upcoming projects

It is hard to learn reading and writing without access to pen and paper. Most families in Afghanistan can not afford these basic school supplies for their children. Therefore, we are currently looking for donations of school equipment such as notebooks, pencils and pens that we plan to include in our upcoming container shipment.

How you can help

Do you know someone, who knows someone, who might have a pallet of misprinted notepads that otherwise would be discarded? Has your child’s school just received new school furniture, so the old has ended up in storage? If yes, please contact us by sending an email. Any help or donations will be appreciated and received with gratitude!