Disability aid

Many people in Afghanistan are losing limbs in the war by getting too close to one of the many landmines that are still buried today around the landscape. It is often not possible to get the necessary disability aid and many are unable to continue their jobs and support their families. Having a disabled family member can be a great burden for the family as they often have to carry the person around, which is both hard for the family and unworthy of the individual.


We work with a partner organization in Herat, OLAWI, in order to find those most in need of disability aid. OLAWI makes an individual assessment of who needs wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and electric wheelchairs. OLAWI have collaborated with 5 disability organizations in Herat, and have supported 100 individuals with disabilities. 

When the container arrives in Afghanistan, the aids are distributed. All aids are repaired before shipping, so we are sure it all works when it arrives.

This man lost his legs in a roadside bomb, and has been forced to crawl around or be carried. After his accident he could no longer work and support his family. With a recycled wheelchair from Denmark, he can now get around again.

This is a former soldier who lost his legs during the war against the Taliban.

Now he can move around thanks to the donated wheelchair.

Hakim could not keep his balance and was unable to continue his job, which he therefore lost. He got an electric crosser from OLAWI and with it he managed to get his job back and support his family.

Frid Ahmad goes to school in the village of Kurt Khoja in the Anjiil district of Herat in Afghanistan.

He has a back injury and both of his legs are paralyzed and he therefore struggles when going to and from school. 

Frid Ahmad spends more than 2 hours getting to school with a walker and walking frame, and someone always needs to accompany him on the way. Frid Ahmad is a talented young man. He is very social and wants to be with his peers and friends and finish his education. However, because of his disability he feels very uncomfortable in his community because is unable to take care of himself.

One Friday, he was called by our local partner, OLAWI, who told him to come and get his electric wheelchair. He says it was the best day of his life and that he could not sleep the following night in joy of the good news. "This electric wheelchair has changed my life from being forced to be dependent on others and inactive, to the fact that I am now active, happy and with faith in the future," says Frid Ahmad.

Frid Ahmad now arrives at school on time and spends only 15-20 minutes to get there.