Children’s institutions

Years of conflict, economic crisis and a general lack of literacy has negatively affected the lives of many children in Afghanistan. One consequence is an increasing number of children living on the streets. These “street kids” are living under very harsh conditions, some orphaned and some forced to the streets trying to support their families by begging.   


We work to improve these conditions for example by working to improve local educational conditions so more parents are inclined to send their children to school. Our long term goal is to create a better future for the children with better outlooks to find a job. 

Another aspect of our aid is donations to the two local orphanages in Herat. The orphanages host around 150 children, among these both boys, girls and children with disabilities. All children have the possibility to attend school and some of the older girls also have the opportunity to start sewing classes. We support these institutions by donating school bags, chairs, wheelchairs, toys and towels.